Maguire Model WSB 220 Weigh Scale Blender

Refurbished with 30 Day Start- Up Warranty

Vaccum Loaders and Vaccum Receivers Available for Sale


Maguire Model WSB 220 Weigh Scale Blender

– Type- Gravimetric

– Material compartments- 2

 – Additional additive feeders can be added

– Throughput- up to 900 pounds per hour

– Offer includes the following:

    – Controller recalibrated and upgraded software installed by Maguire

    – Load cells are repaired by Maguire 

    – Nylon tubing replaced

    – Solenoid valves tested, replaced if required

    – Cylinders tested and replaced if required

    – Machine will be cleaned, painted, and tested to help ensure it is mechanically sound

    – Includes vacuum take of stand

– Condition- Very good- substantially refurbished- includes 30 day start up warranty on parts excluding labor