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Sidel Model SBO 1 PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Product Description

 Sidel Model SBO 1 PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

– Number of cavities- 1

-Production capacity- approximately 1200 bottles per hour (depending on size and design of bottle)

– Type mold hanger- GUPM

– Oven type- linear

– Maximum bottle diameter- 130 m.m.

– The maximum length of the bottle including neck- 375 m.m.

– Minimum/maximum inside neck diameter- 19 m.m. / 40 m.m.

– Minimum/maximum neck height- 10 m.m. / 41 m.m.

– Minimum/maximum support ring diameter- 19 m.m. / 51 m.m.

– The Maximum length of preform including neck- 210 m.m

– Offer includes the following:

–¬†Preform hopper/elevator, orienter, and feed rails

– Year- 2000

-Condition- Very good- very low operating hours- used for research and development work