About Us

International Packaging Co, LLC was established in 1991 as a dealer in used Blow Molding Equipment. After being dormant for a period of time, IPC re-established itself as a provider of used equipment to companies in the plastics industry in February 2002. IPC added Injection Molding and Auxiliary Equipment to its product offering soon after and now has a large selection of Blow Molding, Injection Molding and Auxiliary Equipment available to its valued customers. We are proud of the fact that IPC has helped a large number of customers procure the equipment that met their very specific needs, on a timely basis, and with a high level of personal service. IPC offers a number of products and services to its customers including:

–       Buying and selling used equipment

–       Offering partially or fully rebuilt equipment

–       Complete plant liquidations

–       Consultation regarding equipment valuation

If you do not see the specific equipment in our catalogs that you are interested in, please Contact Us with the requirement as we are procuring additional equipment on a weekly basis.

You can trust that International Packaging Co., LLC will continue dealing with its customers with the highest level of integrity and that we will strive to ensure that value is received whenever equipment is procured.

Ronald Evans
International Packaging Co., LLC