Uniloy Model UR-100 Reciprocating Screw Blow Molding Machine

The machine is currently set up to run (2) bottles per head, arranged neck to neck, so that 24 bottles are produced each cycle.

 The offer can includes (2) 24 cavity molds (neck to neck) to produce an 8 ounce (approximately 250 ml) and a 16 ounce (approximately 500 ml) drinkable yogurt bottle

There is another mold available as well.

It has a system to separate the neck of one bottle from the other and a rotary trimmer to finish trimming the bottle so that it emerges ready to fill.


Video Below is of Similar Machine In Operation


Uniloy Model UR-100 Reciprocating Screw Blow Molding Machine 

– Year of manufacture- 2012

– Head configuration- 12 heads with 4 1/2” center to center distance between heads

– Extruder diameter- 100 mm

– Extruder horsepower- 150

– Motor drive- Yaskawa AC variable frequency drive

– Nominal shot size- 1,900 grams

– Throughput- 1,100 pounds per hour

– Platen dimensions- 57” long (between tie bars) x 21 1/4” height

– Offer includes the following:

   – (2) sets of molds, one to make an 8 ounce (approximately 250 ml) bottle- the other makes a 16-ounce bottle (approximately 1/2 liter)- molds are dual cavity (neck to neck) so each cycle produces 24 bottles

   – Maer Model NTN36 Spin Trimming System that removes the tail flash and separates the neck to neck bottles

– Controls- B & R PLC 

– Condition- “Like New”- less than 50 operating hours– can be inspected in storage in the US- immediately available